Tanya Kuznetsova

Being a corporate practitioner with 14 years of experience in Treasury of USD 20+ bln turnover companies, Tanya is an expert in banking products in retail, and has an extensive experience with fintech and innovations.  


Tanya is a National award winning Assistant Treasurer. She managed treasury affairs of X5 Retail Group, the largest retail company in Russia operating over 12 000 food stores with $ 22 bln of yearly turnover and over 250 000 employees and oversaw banking relations, working capital and liquidity management, treasury functions due diligence, processes improvement and automation. After spending over 7 years in this role and successfully building a technology friendly Treasury team she willingly shares her experience and tells a story of a journey from learning about innovation to actually using it.     


She leads a working group on the use of blockchain technology in trade finance on the platform of the World Trade Symposium and is a regular speaker on the related topics at conferences. She has started an "Art for Innovation" educational project which aims to educate people about the new technology through such visual art forms like the sand art performance, theater, paintings.

About me

I see the future in industry related financing online platforms and opportunities for alternative investments in this area. In my opinion, this reveals a whole layer of opportunities for big businesses to support smaller businesses for their mutual benefit and at the same time enables them to manage the available resources as effectively as possible.

I believe that Treasury networking and  communications play the key role in one's career and professional development.


I enjoy sharing my expertise with peers and young professionals and believe that it leads to a more advanced approach to problems solving across the industry.


I work on an educational art project named Art for innovation which is designed to inspire people about financial technology and creative thinking. 


I am a member of the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) and a speaker at their annual conferences gathering 6500 professionals in treasury and finance. I'm also a member of the World Trade Symposium group working towards financial inclusion and sustainable trade.