Tanya Kuznetsova

Tanya holds the professional designation of Certified Treasury Professional (CTP), she is an Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) member, a member of their Executive Institute and a speaker at AFP’s annual events. She has publications related to working capital management matters and supply chain finance trends. She is an author of a book “Alice and the Treasury Island” about business development and growth in finance profession written with a fresh and unique combination of genres using some science fiction elements. Tanya is also an e-affiliate member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) based in London and a part of Treasury Today’s initiative “Women in Treasury”. 

There is a fundamental change, a turn from banks to fintech companies, which are reinventing the business of retail banking and I'm happy to be a part of it.

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National Award "Reputation" is one of the most prestigious awards for financiers in Russia. It recognises personal contributions in development of financial system of the country. It was established in 2010 by the Minister of Finance of Russian Federation.


Tanya Kuznetsova is an award winner of "Reputation-2016" in nomination  “For the input in development of new trends in finance. For the achievements in implementing the electronic factoring technology and setting this business practice in Russia”       


This nomination was introduced by business community to publicly recognise personal achievements in developing the Supply Chain Finance instruments, increasing effectiveness and efficiencies of businesses that use them. Among the criteria for choosing a winner were successful experience of an SCF project, setting up new trends, establishment of a dialog between the parties and a significant contribution to the fintech development and digitalising the processes.  



The Award winners at different times have become Deputy head of Minister of finance of Russia, Former Minister of Economy development of Russia and current President of major government owned bank Sberbank, well known business and social activists, heads of associations and academic figures. 


"I'm highly honoured to receive this Award. This attention to our innovative SCF project shows that the Russian market is transparent, efficient and ready to pick up the best practice to the benefit of all participants". Tanya Kuznetsova

 Tanya Kuznetsova is the author of a unique genre business book "Alice and the Treasury Island" written to help and support young professionals in their career in finance.


The purpose of the book is to identify bottlenecks for young financial professionals’ career development. This is not another “how-to” written by a life coach or a business trainer whose professional development went far from the corporate financial practitioner’s world. Instead, this book offers what those do not: a voice from the trenches—the real-life experience and hard-earned wisdom of how certain actions, situations, and decisions can lead to targeted practical results. This book has no ambition to become a “that’s how you do it” manual or a book of recipes to boost one’s career. In fact, it is written using elements of the science fiction genre to invite you to think about your future goals and assess your current skills without the pressure of making an immediate career decision. This book explains how you are the only person who knows your true abilities, knows how to apply them, and knows what you really want. So take a minute and listen to that person inside you, just like the heroes of this book do.